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Past Monday inSight Letters

“As is the human body, So is the cosmic body. As is the human mind, So is the cosmic mind. As is the microcosm, So is the macrocosm. As is

A Moment of Presence, please Let’s take a moment together. A moment to be fully here, to check in with ourselves without judgment or expectation. It’s astonishing how easily we

Quote: “What if we could shift our perspective and see our parents not just as role-holders in our lives but as individuals? Individuals who, like us, are grappling with their

Quote: We are on a journey of healing “self perception,” which is the same as a journey of seeing more of what’s really true.   In our lives, every experience

Quote: The more you avoid a willingness to learn and grow, the more it will continue to hurt. Within the practicality of your everyday life, both your perceived failures and

Quote: What exhausts us as human beings, is that we are trying to escape the dream in the dream, this is like trying to think your way out of thinking.

The Marriage of Human & Spirit “When two become one” stirs the romantic in me. It encapsulates a love so strong that two people fuse together, forming a profound partnership.

Quote: Beyond what we think, believe, and imagine, there is a divine symphony of order that desires only what’s best for the sincerity of our hearts. There is a level

Quote: The more I realize and accept that I cannot fully understand you, the more I let go of you; I give you back to yourself.     Relationship communication

(quick note: I want to remind you that when I write, I’m always writing to myself. The opportunity in reading, is to find any resonance that can help to transform

Tiger shares insights into the deeper struggles hidden beneath life's challenges, revealing how they mirror our relationship with ourselves. This video invites you to a profound realization that your life
(with Audio) Dive into the heart of your human experience, exploring the disconnect you might feel from your true nature. With a blend of heartfelt insights, spiritual reflections, and a

Quote: “Healing the disconnection we feel within ourselves begins when… we turn down the volume of the world and courageously listen to our own hearts and the hearts of others.”

Dive into this humorous yet thoughtful exploration of guilt, punishment, and the delightful absurdity of the stories we tell ourselves.
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Through the haze of confusion, discover the gentle embrace of self-awareness. In Monday inSight Letter, Tiger shares his fragile tales of delirium, a reminder of the shared human experience that