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Past Sunday Letters

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Misplaced Priorities When Starting Out As a heart-based solopreneur, it’s common to overestimate the value of elements like websites, branding, design, and other things you might believe you need. Unfortunately,

TL;DR – Do you know that feeling when you actively search for evidence of failure or reasons why something won’t work? Well, it’s time to shift the perspective and build

Explore the importance of self-honesty and difficult conversations in personal and professional growth. Discover how embracing challenges and facing insecurities can lead to meaningful progress in Life, Relationships, and business
There’s a powerful attitude shift that happens when we get back in touch with the real “Heart of Service.” In this Sunday letter, let’s recalibrate why we do what we
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Overcome limiting thoughts and discover opportunities to live from a deeper reality that’s more connected to your heart. Honor yourself and honor the opportunity you have, as a HeartBased Solopreneur,
Are you even aware… of just how much your beliefs about money shape your experience with money? Well, it’s just like everything else in the journey of being human; the
Every journey towards something important or worthwhile will encounter moments when you want to give up. It's okay to feel that way. But before you give up, let's explore some

Quote: “Maybe it’s wise to do some self-inventory and reflection to see where you’re not making progress because you’re not willing to face certain fears.” In one regard, what stands between

Practical steps for clarifying an idea, visualizing the result, breaking it down into steps, committing to the idea, and facing the fear of failure. This Sunday Letter emphasizes the importance

Quote: “The struggle to grow can be found in our resistance to fear, which is our avoidance of what we fear.”   Dear aspiring, new, or active solopreneurs, Can I please

Quote: “The employee mindset is focused on doing tasks to reach an outcome. The business owner mindset is focused on creating systems and processes to reach an outcome.”   Is there

Quote: “Whatever comes into our life that is good, will always come from taking some form of risk.”   In the list of 100 tasks or actions I could be working

Quote: “As you learn and commit to growing in your understanding of business fundamentals, you will discover more and more possibilities that inspire further learning.”   Want to change your hourly

Quote: “Frustration can either be a source of power, or it can be an excuse that drains my power.”   What is it that propels me forward and leads me toward

This isn’t a demand that you should be a specialist instead of a generalist. However, if you are someone who wants to be paid well – more than 90% of

Quote: “Getting better at something requires the permission for me to be terrible at it. If I want to get stronger, I have to viscerally experience the reality of my

For the HeartBased Solopreneur, the sales process is a journey of discovering an obvious alignment between the prospect’s vision for their life and the service you provide. To achieve this

If you’re going to build something worth building, you have to have some idea of what you’re going to build before you even get started. If you don’t, then you’re

If an individual holds the fundamental belief that money is bad, evil, or the root of their problems, they will unconsciously reject any experience or opportunity that involves money. On

My “very limited knowledge” when it comes to business building is only “very limited” in comparison to someone who has an enormous wealth of knowledge. Likewise, I have a lot