Build the Container that Supports Your Vision

Feeling lost in the fog of your solopreneur journey? Here’s what you need to focus on: get clear about building the 'container' for your vision. This post explores the art of gaining clarity, focusing your efforts, and crafting a path towards meaningful progress.

Quote: “Remember, every moment spent on distractions is a moment stolen from building your dream.”


Greetings… Solopreneurs,

Have you ever felt completely lost on your journey as a solopreneur? Like you’re stuck in thick fog, unable to see where you’re heading, or even where to start. This feeling of being lost, of not knowing which way to go can be so overwhelming that the idea of giving up and going back to a regular 9-5 job starts to look like the only way out.

  • I’ve been there, stuck in that fog, feeling completely disconnected from a genuine sense of clarity, power, and direction.


This feeling, this pain of being lost and directionless, is exactly what I want to talk about today. It’s a pain that resonates with so many of us on this journey, a shared struggle that we often silently endure. But what if I told you that there’s a way to cut through this fog, to build a clear path towards the vision that truly resonates with your heart?

Let’s dive into this together and explore how to create that container for your vision, one that turns the fog into clarity, the aimlessness into direction, and the overwhelm into focused action.

Note: I end this writing with 3 profound questions to ask yourself.

Key Concept

In our journey towards creating something meaningful, there’s a concept I’ve found crucial: building the container that not only holds — but nurtures our deepest aspirations.

  • This container you build, is like a house you build that allow you to live the life you truly want to live.


Let’s explore this together.

Recognizing the Contrast Between Desire and Reality

Imagine this: you’re yearning for a home that’s more than just walls and a roof. A home that’s spacious, inspiring, a true reflection of what you love doing.

This vision often emerges from an honest assessment of where you currently stand – maybe in a place that feels cramped, uninspiring, or just not ‘you’. It’s about understanding the contrast between what is and what could be.

The Gap and the Bridge

Here lies the crux of our journey. The gap between our current situation and our envisioned future is like a terrain waiting to be bridged. This bridge isn’t made of whims and daydreams; it’s forged from the concrete decisions and actions we take.

The bridge is the container we build – it’s not just a physical space, but a metaphor for the environment we create for our vision to flourish.

Crafting Your Path

Let’s get real here: the container for your vision doesn’t just pop up overnight. It’s a result of consistent effort, a series of choices made every day, pointing towards that desired future. It’s about:

  • Engaging actively with life, embracing your role as a creator.
  • Understanding that each step, no matter how small, is a part of the construction process.
  • Being clear about your plan. Without clarity, efforts can lead to wasted time and resources.

Prioritization: The Key to Building Effectively

One of the essential skills in this journey is learning to prioritize. It’s not about stripping away all forms of relaxation or joy, but rather, knowing what activities fuel your progress and which ones are merely distractions.

  • This prioritization isn’t just a one-time task; it’s an ongoing process that demands attention and adjustment as you move forward.

Delayed Gratification and Steady Progress

In building your vision, you’ll encounter moments where immediate gratification seems like the easier choice. Yet, the true essence of building something worthwhile lies in the ability to delay that gratification. It’s about investing time and effort now to reap greater rewards in the future.

  • Remember, the skills you develop in this process are yours to keep. They become tools in your arsenal, helping you build future visions more efficiently.

The Deep Diver’s Group (DDG): Your Space for Devotion and Growth

If you’re ready to take this journey to the next level, and there’s a sincerity within you that says…

  • “I wish I had some help with being clear and focused because I know this is possible for me!”


Then… commit to building your container and learn more about joining the Deep Diver’s Group (DDG). This is where we focus on getting crystal clear, staying on track, and making small but significant strides in our personal and business lives. It’s about integrating (personal, spiritual, business) progress into the core of who we are.


DDG isn’t about quick, superficial, and over-hyped gains; it’s for those who are ready to make a year-long devotional commitment to honor themselves and engage in profound growth that leads to real and lasting progress.

3 Profound Questions for Building Your Container

As we wrap up our exploration of building the container that supports your vision, I want you to challenge yourself with three pivotal questions. These aren’t just queries to ponder over a cup of coffee; they’re catalysts for transformative action. Dive deep, be brutally honest, and let these questions guide you towards crafting a container that truly resonates with your heart’s deepest desires.

1. In 5 years from now, what does my business container look like, and how does it help me live a life that matches my sincere human expression?

  • Imagine your ideal business container five years down the line. This isn’t about fanciful dreams; it’s about envisioning a space that aligns seamlessly with your true self. How does this container empower you to express yourself authentically? Does it give you the freedom, the joy, the fulfillment you crave? Your vision here is the blueprint for the container you’re going to start building today.

2. What is radically unclear to me right now, that I clearly need to learn in order to start making real progress?

  • Acknowledge the fog. What are the aspects of your journey that feel muddled or obscure? Identifying these areas is the first step towards clarity. Maybe it’s a skill you need to develop, a mindset shift that’s pending, or a part of your business plan that’s not fully formed. Recognizing these gaps is not a sign of weakness, but a bold step towards empowerment and growth.

3. Where am I wasting my time, giving attention to things that don’t contribute to building this monumentally important container that honors the sincerity of my human?

  • It’s time for a hard look at how you spend your days. Are there activities, commitments, or even thought patterns that are draining your energy without contributing to your vision? Remember, every moment spent on distractions is a moment stolen from building your dream. This realization isn’t meant to induce guilt, but to spur you into focused action, prioritizing what truly matters.


In answering these questions, you’re not just indulging in introspection; you’re laying the groundwork for a container that will support, nurture, and amplify your vision. It’s about taking those small but meaningful steps towards a future where your business isn’t just a business, but a true extension of your innermost self.

Embrace the challenge, Solopreneurs. The path ahead is yours to forge.



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Rise up… honor your value, and share your heart with the world.

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