Courageous Listening for Deeper Healing

Quote: “Healing the disconnection we feel within ourselves begins when… we turn down the volume of the world and courageously listen to our own hearts and the hearts of others.”

Understanding Disconnection

In the whirlwind of life’s demands, we often find ourselves adrift, disconnected from our true nature. This disconnection manifests in various aspects of our lives, particularly in how we listen – or rather, fail to listen – to others and to life itself.

I recently found myself reflecting on this during a conversation with my partner. She shared thoughts that, frankly, I would rather not hear.

My immediate reaction was resistance, a reflex to protect my ego, to turn away from potential hurt. This reaction, however, was more than a simple defense mechanism. It was a symptom of a deeper disconnection – from my own inherent worth.

The Knee-Jerk Reaction

This incident was a stark reminder of how we typically place our value in others’ hands. We become so entangled in their perceptions and potential reactions that we lose touch with the real essence of what we are.

In my case, the urge to push back against my partner’s words was a desperate attempt to cling to a fragile sense of self-worth, one that depended heavily on getting… what I only thought or imagined I wanted.

But at that moment, I chose a different path.

I decided to confront this discomfort head-on. It was a moment of deep introspection, a recognition of the fear lurking beneath my instinctive response. The choice to stay present, to listen with openness, was uncomfortable, but it was also a step towards reconnection – with myself and with her.

Reconnecting Through Listening

Choosing to listen courageously was not just about hearing her words. It was about creating a space of safety and acceptance – for her and for myself. This act of deep listening allowed me to reconnect with my own value, independent of external validation.

This experience illuminated a fundamental truth: Our worth and value should never hinge on others’ perceptions. Doing so, only leads toward wanting to control how others see, which will always involve withholding love from them.

  • “I will love you, only if… you see me a certain way, or think certain thoughts about me”


When we ‘give in’ to the perceived need for external approval, we abandon our true nature. We become prisoners to others’ opinions, losing sight of our authentic essence.

The Path to Healing

Healing this disconnect begins with self-awareness. It involves recognizing our defensive reactions as manifestations of a scared inner child, confused and seeking comfort.

By approaching these parts of ourselves with compassion and clarity, we start unraveling the false narratives that have shaped our self-perception.

Every defensive reaction, every retreat from uncomfortable truths, every time we seek validation from external sources, we stray further from our true nature. But… the journey back to self begins with simple, yet profound acts of courage – like choosing to listen deeply.

To My Fellow Heart-Based Humans

For those of you struggling with disconnection, longing for a deeper sense of belonging and understanding, know that you are not alone. We are all traveling this same path, to heal the disconnect, clarify these innocent misunderstandings, and step into a more conscious, grounded, and playfully courageous version of ourselves.

The world might urge you to conform, to dim your light, but within you lies a reservoir of courage and clarity.

Embracing discomfort, and acknowledging your vulnerabilities, might seem daunting, but it is through these experiences that you rediscover your true strength and purpose. By listening deeply – to ourselves, to others, to life – we open up and find the true path that takes us home.

The Beauty of Courageous Listening

Courageous listening is more than an act of ‘thinking we understand others;’ it’s an embrace of life’s complexities and apparent chaos. It’s an acknowledgment of our shared human experience, a step towards healing not just ourselves, but the world around us.

So, I invite you to pause, listen, and dive into the richness of being human. It is in these moments of genuine connection and vulnerability that we find our true selves, our true purpose, and the peace that comes with being authentically, unapologetically us.

Embracing Our Journey

Our journey of self-discovery and reconnection is a continuous process. It requires patience, openness, and the willingness to face our fears and vulnerabilities. As we engage in this journey, we heal ourselves and become light-bearers of hope and understanding for others.

In the end, courageous listening is not just about hearing words. It’s about understanding hearts – ours and those around us. It’s a transformative journey that invites us to discover the joy and peace of living authentically and loving deeply. Let’s explore this journey together, with open hearts and open ears, ready to embrace the beauty of our human experience.

If You’re Open to it…

This is why I created the Deep Divers’ Group (DDG), a space for those who understand the importance of these reflections and insights and deeply desire to embody a more grounded, conscious, and playful version of themselves.

This social container, a community of Heart-Based Humans, is where I devote myself to supporting others (like you) more directly. It’s not only an opportunity for humans to support and learn from each other, but it’s also a chance for me to connect 1-on-1 with each member, helping them to clarify innocent misunderstandings more quickly, and make meaningful steps of real progress on their journey.

Sure, it’s not for everyone, and I don’t want ‘everyone’ to join. However, if you genuinely see the possibility of these insights I use to expose a deeper connection with yourself, and you enjoy my compassionate and playful tone, then this group might be the perfect space for you to honor your human journey.

Let’s talk about it… and see how this might be precisely the kind of support you need. Don’t fool yourself into believing that you have to do this journey alone; there is real and genuine support out there, that deeply cares about You coming home… to you.

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