Daily Clarity; Stop Being Vague

Quote: “Life punishes the vague wish and rewards the specific ask.”


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The Agony of Feeling Abandoned by Life

Have you ever felt like life itself has turned its back on you, leaving you stranded in a desolate landscape of unmet desires and unanswered calls for guidance?

It’s a harrowing experience many heart-based solopreneurs face – a sense of abandonment by life, where every plea for support and every cry for direction seems to vanish into a void.

This pain, deep and gnawing, often stems NOT from life’s indifference, but from our own clouded communications. In our quest for clarity and purpose, we unwittingly send mixed signals to the universe.

Our lack of specificity and directness creates a barrier, not just between us and our goals, but between us and the very life force that seeks to propel us forward. It’s a profound realization that the disconnect we feel may actually be life’s response to our own indecision, lack of commitment, and utter vagueness.

The Paralysis of Disconnection

This paralysis isn’t just about indecision; it’s the deep-rooted pain of not knowing (or honoring) your true worth and potential.

It’s the silent agony of feeling disconnected from clear direction and purpose, a disconnection that stifles your creative spirit and dims the passion that once fueled your entrepreneurial journey.

The toll this takes is immense.

Every day, I encounter or see solopreneurs trapped in this cycle. They are lost in a sea of vagueness, unable to articulate what they truly seek from their business and life. This lack of clarity isn’t just a minor inconvenience; it’s a fundamental barrier that blocks their path to small steps of meaningful progress.

The Trap of Vague Desires

“Life punishes the vague wish and rewards the specific ask.”

This powerful saying mirrors the predicament many of us face.

We often communicate in broad, undefined terms, hoping to capture the essence of our desires. But think about it – what does it mean when someone says,

  • “I want to be free,” or “I want success”?


These statements are so broad they lose all meaning, creating a chasm between us and our goals.

The real issue lies deeper. Behind these vague words lies a fear of rejection or the pain of being convinced you don’t deserve what is sincere for your humanness. It’s safer to stay general, to avoid the risk of disappointment.

Maybe you can just get some tiny scraps, eh?

But this safety net is illusory. It’s a barrier that keeps you from understanding your true nature and, consequently, from communicating them effectively to the world.

The Echo of Unclear Communication in Relationships

Let’s look at relationships, a mirror to our internal communication struggles.

Statements like “I want you to love me” or “I want us to be closer” are rife with ambiguity. What do these requests actually entail? They leave partners guessing, often leading to misinterpretations and unmet expectations.

This vagueness stems from an underlying fear of being explicit about what is raw and real within us. It could be a fear of imposing on others, or worse, a fear of hearing ‘no.’ But at its core, this fear signals a deeper issue:

  • A belief that our genuine desires don’t matter.


It implies that we don’t deserve what we truly want, leading us to settle for less than we are worth.

Communicating with Life: The Signal You Send

The way we communicate with life itself is no different.

We are like radio transmitters, constantly sending out signals to the universe.

These signals are our requests for guidance and support. But if these signals are muddled or unclear, how can the universe respond effectively?

Nature itself is a testament to the power of clear signals. Consider the unerring navigation of birds or the intuitive understanding of dolphins. These creatures don’t thrive on vague instincts; they follow clear, innate directives.

In the same way, we must send out clear signals to navigate the vast ocean of life’s possibilities.

Embracing Radical Honesty: The Solution

The solution lies in confronting our fears with courage that might feel almost reckless. It’s about being radically honest with ourselves. What do you truly want in your heart? What are the visions that you’ve been too afraid to voice?

This isn’t about demanding that these desires be fulfilled. It’s about acknowledging and honoring what is actually sincere for your… human.

Realizing what you genuinely aspire to is a journey, an ongoing process of peeling back the layers of vagueness to reveal your true heart and aliveness. It’s not about the certainty of achieving these desires, but about the clarity that comes from knowing and respecting them.

  • Real “self-respect,” is the acknowledgement and allowance of what is sincere and true within; not cowering away from them, or hiding from them because you fear what the world might think.

The Map: Four Questions of Clarity for the Heart-Based Solopreneur

In the heart of every solopreneur lies a deep desire to make meaningful connections and add genuine value to people’s lives.

However, the path to such impact is often shrouded in the fog of vagueness. Again, because we fear missing out — on the scraps.

It’s here that we must shine the light of clarity, illuminating our journey with precise, purposeful questions. These questions are the lifeblood of our focus and progress. Without clear answers to them, our actions in business can resemble aimless wanderings in an endless desert, leading us nowhere.

I find myself returning to these four pivotal questions almost daily, each time peeling back another layer of the onion, getting closer to the core of my true purpose.

  1. Identifying the Problem: What is the specific problem I am passionate about helping people solve?
    • This isn’t about general issues but pinpointing the exact challenge that resonates with my skills and heart. It’s about finding that unique problem where my intervention can make a real difference.
  2. Knowing My Audience: Who, exactly, is the type of person I want to help solve this problem?
    • This goes beyond demographic data to understanding the soul of my ideal client. What are their fears, struggles, hopes, and dreams? What are the common pains they avoid, and what do they want and are afraid of voicing?
    • Understanding the person behind the problem is crucial in crafting solutions that resonate on a deeply personal level. If you’re vague, then you’re speaking to no one. If you’re unclear about this, then people who listen to you will be unclear if what you do pertains to them, and only them.
  3. Crafting My Message: What is my core message or invitation to this specific individual? This isn’t just about what I offer, but how it speaks directly to their heart. It’s the bridge between my solution and their problem, crafted in a language that touches their innermost thoughts and feelings.
  4. Providing the Solution: How exactly will I help them solve their problem? This is where my service or product comes into play, tailored to address their (and only their) specific needs. It’s about outlining a clear, actionable plan that guides them from their point of pain to a place of real, meaningful progress.


These 4 questions are the compass that guides my daily business decisions. They bring a laser-focus to my work, ensuring that every step I take is aligned with my core mission.

3 Daily Questions for a Better Tomorrow

When writing this newsletter, or before creating content in general, it’s incredibly helpful for me to reflect on those key questions mentioned above, focusing my intent and honing my message to deliver real value.

Consider this in your daily life as a solopreneur:

  • How often do you align your actions with your deeper goals or vision, with clear, direct, and specific planning?


This is where “Plan tomorrow, Today” becomes a crucial practice, not just for productivity, but for maintaining clarity and purpose. Understand, it’s my intention to “plan tomorrow, today,” but I don’t always get to it. However, whenever I do or don’t, the value of doing so becomes glaringly obvious.

  1. Targeted Actions for Tomorrow: What are the three specific actions I will commit to tomorrow that will propel me towards my life’s vision? (of course, you must already have a clear vision)
  2. Distraction Management: Which three specific distractions am I likely to encounter tomorrow, how will I actively avoid them, and what positive activities will I engage in instead?
  3. Confronting Fear: What is the specific fear currently hindering my progress, and what concrete steps will I take tomorrow to challenge and overcome this fear?


By asking yourself these questions or similar ones, you’re not just planning; you’re aligning your daily actions with your heart’s true purpose. You are sending out a form of communication with Life, that informs life that you are open and available to receive support.

This is your pathway to a life of clarity, direction, and focus.

Conclusion: The Power of Clarity

Being vague in your desires and communication is like walking through life with a blindfold. It’s time to remove the blindfold and face the bright light of reality. It’s about honoring the truth within you, not hiding from fears of disappointment.

You do realize, don’t you… that within Life’s infinite support, this includes earthly support that can help guide you on your journey?

There can be such a dangerous arrogance that says, “I have to do this on my own,” which is really a way of hiding, a deep fear of stepping into what you’re truly capable of. Just as we are invited to be open to Life’s support, we are invited to be humble, to be teachable, and to be receptive to knowledge and wisdom beyond our current understanding.

You will not learn and grow if you cannot admit that you need support, that you need guidance, and that you clearly, in some areas, don’t know what you’re doing.

Sure, you can fumble around in the dark, protecting an ego that fears being seen as… clueless or lost. Or, you can get out of your own way, open your heart, and confess:




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