Find Evidence and Build Momentum

TL;DR – Do you know that feeling when you actively search for evidence of failure or reasons why something won’t work? Well, it’s time to shift the perspective and build momentum by consciously seeking evidence that supports your potential for meaningful progress. Embrace the fact that it’s not easy but important. Take those tiny steps forward, learn along the way, and maintain a playful attitude. Let’s embark on this journey together, my friends! 💪🐯

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Did you know that there’s a part of you actively seeking evidence? If you’re unaware of it, you are probably unconsciously searching for evidence of failure or reasons why something will not work.

Momentum is either building to empower you or to hinder your progress and opportunities. The momentum is directly related to the evidence you seek.

The Process of Creation

As I write the above, I am struck by this moment of stillness, where I realize once again how involved I am in the process of creation. It’s easy to assume that my success or failure is determined by external circumstances. However, in this moment of stillness, it becomes obvious that it is more determined by my attitude moving forward and the evidence I consciously or unconsciously seek.

We cannot escape the act of looking. From the moment we wake up and our minds come alive, there is an automatic engagement of looking that is the process of creation itself.

Just like in intimate relationships, if we wake up with a conscious commitment and a devotion to serve and grow, we start looking for things in our partners that support this growth. Conversely, without such conscious direction and devotion, our partner can appear different or problematic through our eyes.

Unconscious Patterns of Creation

Much of the unconscious tendency to look for evidence of failure stems from patterns of thinking we have developed in a world that lacks awareness. It’s similar to being raised in a fearful environment where, despite our parents’ best intentions, they are unaware of the profound beauty and support that life offers. Consequently, they operate in a fearful way and inadvertently teach us those patterns of fearful thinking and being.

Does this mean we can simply blame our parents or society? Well, if we want to continue the disempowering pattern that pushes away opportunities, we can. However, this same realization can also show us the potential of what’s possible.

  • “If my thinking is so far off from what’s real and true, then what’s possible if I learn to see things more clearly?”

Instead of seeing our past as evidence of failure, we can look for possibilities and evidence that supports our potential for something greater than our previous experiences. We can aspire to grow.

In this transformation, this simple shift in perspective, we might feel a tiny spark of potential, igniting momentum. It may be small, but it can be built upon and grow, empowering new actions and overcoming fear.

On the other hand, we might feel a bolt of discouragement, momentum swinging in the opposite direction. Typically, our unconscious self prefer momentum to swing in a disempowering direction as a means of protection from failure. This emphasizes the importance of vigilance, conscious participation, and the willingness to confront and overcome old patterns.

It’s Simple; It’s Not Easy

Look, it’s simple, but it’s not easy. I genuinely understand that. Instead of hoping or wishing that it was easy, let’s acknowledge the reality that it’s important. How many “important” things in your life have been easy? How many experiences have brought genuine progress, growth, and reward with ease?

Perhaps some things have flowed effortlessly and seemed to come to you naturally. However, Those effortless things for you, were built on the foundation of previously doing difficult things.

Second by second, hour by hour, day by day, month by month, and year by year, you are invited to take tiny steps of progress. These tiny steps build momentum in a new direction that supports a deeper sincerity within ourselves. They may also include tiny steps backward, but two steps forward and one step back still result in a solid step forward.

If you’re feeling discouraged, take a moment to clearly define the steps you will take this week.

Take a deep breath, calm your mind, pop in a chill pill, and envision or recognize the three small steps you could take if you weren’t feeling so defeated and discouraged.

Imagine yourself, five days from now, having completed those tasks and looking back on this temporary moment of discouragement. See that it was possible. Recognize that you were just confused, perhaps scared, and forgot that this journey was meant to be playfully difficult, rather than seriously difficult.

Three Tiny Steps to Build Momentum

What are the three tiny steps you can take over the next five days that would create or invite momentum in a direction that feels good?

Write them down!

If I’m writing to myself, which I always am, here are my three steps:

  1. Write the follow-up email that I’ve been putting off. Send it to the 45 people who expressed interest in joining my online support community. Additionally, schedule some consultations to connect with them face-to-face.
  2. Print 500 flyers and hire someone locally to promote awareness of the in-person events that I will be hosting. This will help me build a network.
  3. Finish writing the updated email welcome series for people who subscribe to my upcoming local events on the island of Crete.

You know what’s funny? After writing that out, I felt a surge of momentum. As I look at this short list, I realize that these tasks are not difficult at all; it’s simply a matter of setting aside time to focus. Furthermore, I can schedule specific times this week to devote my attention to these tasks.

Show Up & Learn

I also notice that these small steps could have a profound impact on my future progress. It’s not just about achieving the desired results; it’s about the learning process itself, which contributes most to personal growth.

Things rarely go as planned, and progress takes longer than expected. That’s okay; in fact, it’s amusing if we are open to seeing the humor in it. Once again, it’s about approaching this journey playfully, rather than seriously.

Okay, I’m ready to get to work now 😂, and I hope you are too. Let’s go! 💪

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