Growing in Your Ability to Love

Discover how to expand your capacity to love and experience true freedom in life. Explore the misconception of seeking love and freedom outside of ourselves and be guided towards a profound understanding of what it means to grow in our ability to love. Open up, fear less, and love more. Don't miss out on your transformative journey towards a more loving and fulfilling life.

Quote: “There is no real pathway toward love and freedom (what I crave most), if those things are found in something outside of what I am.”


Within me resides a deep longing to experience more love. If I am to thrive in this realm of love, I must expand my capacity to love. Why? Because the perceived absence of love in my life is merely a reflection of the limitations I impose upon my own ability to love.

  • What appears to be a lack of love in life is really love that I withhold, love that I don’t allow to flow.

The Universal Craving

The deep longing to invite more love into our lives is a fundamental craving shared by all human beings. We may use different words to describe it, such as connection, intimacy, peace, freedom, or even power. However, at the core, we are all seeking to connect with that indescribable quality that brings a sense of “coming home.”

The Search Within

The discovery that I continue to bump into, as I journey through this life, is the realization that what I’m ultimately searching for is something within what I am. The confusion was always in my assumptions that what I craved was somehow outside of me, held hostage by someone or some future circumstance.

  • If I wanted more love, then this confusion would look for someone else to love me.
  • If I wanted more power, then I would look to have power over others.
  • If I wanted more peace, then I would forcefully demand the world to look how I wanted, so I could relax.

The Misunderstanding Unveiled

This misunderstanding about the nature of things, about what I truly am, perceives me as separate from—or lacking—the one thing I yearn for the most in this life.

That’s quite the disaster, is it not?

Imagine arriving on Earth, only to find that the very thing you desire most (love, peace, freedom) is being held hostage by external forces. It feels as though you have entered a prison, where conforming to external demands becomes necessary to obtain what is truly important to you.

The trap is this: If someone else has what I want, what I need to be whole and complete, then I must relinquish my personal sovereignty to them to survive.

In a similar way, my home is not my home; rather, it’s someone else’s home, and I must get their permission to come in and rest.

A Fundamental Misunderstanding

What I’m pointing toward is a misunderstanding of the nature of things, of reality, of ourselves, that makes connecting with what we crave an impossible quest. If what I crave is to be myself, and only someone else can give me that permission, then they can also take away that permission.

The inevitable conclusion here is that for me to be myself, I must be what they want me to be.

CLEARLY… that doesn’t work.

This is obvious as it relates to love and freedom. If someone else has the love and freedom I crave, then I quickly become their prisoner. Or, in another fascinating scenario, I will try to make them my prisoner.

Naturally, if I try to make someone else my prisoner, I become the prisoner who is the prison guard, spending all their time making sure the prisoner doesn’t escape.

  • If my freedom is dependent on others being how I want them to be, then clearly I am not free. I am their prisoner.

The Illusion of Freedom

There is no real pathway toward love and freedom (what I crave most), if those things are found in something outside of what I am.

Real growth is the continual clarification of this misunderstanding, and ultimately surrendering to what is true.

Real growth in love is about transcending the confusion that attempts the impossible task of finding love in others or the world. We finally come home to the reality of what love is; surrendering our fantasies, releasing our prisoners, and stop hiding from the obvious withholding of love from what we are.

A Change in Perspective

To see yourself as separate from what you crave, I promise you, is to simply, and innocently, not see the truth of what you are. To see yourself as lacking love, as unworthy of love, as losing love, is merely a simple misunderstanding about what is real and true.

Sure, it might look that way, but that doesn’t mean it is that way. Just as it might look like Life made a mistake, it only appears that way because I don’t see the bigger picture.

The Essence of Real Growth

This is the nature of what real growth is, the expansion of your consciousness to see more of what’s real and true. As you do, it resolves the misunderstandings that lead towards false assumptions that are the foundation of all suffering and emotional disturbances.

That’s a pretty BOLD statement, that: ALL suffering and emotional disturbances are caused by not seeing yourself clearly.

A Profound Awakening

When I write these words, I often wonder how deeply they resonate with you. Personally, when I reflect on these insights, I can’t help but be profoundly humbled by Life, and I find myself with a deeper surrender to the obvious miracle I’m swimming in.

The True Adventure

Being clear within myself about these undeniable truths ignites a sense of devotion and a readiness to confront the misunderstandings that clearly contribute to any limitations I may be experiencing. This is the real and great adventure of being human.

The adventure is not trying to figure out how I can control others and life so that I might get what I want in the world. The adventure is facing the shadows within that don’t see the light of what’s true and courageously shining a light that continues to shatter my fears.

In the shattering of such fears, I recognize more and more deeply there is no sense in withholding love, either from myself or others. I touch upon great freedom to love, freedom to be what I am, and freedom for all others to be what they are.

I can finally… let go, and rest in the absolute brilliance of this miracle that Life has created.

Welcome home.

Devotion & Commitment = Profound Growth

To me, it’s funny how it has become so clear to me why I’m drawn to the work I do. I can’t help but wholeheartedly offer myself in service to help others gain clarity in how they see themselves, others, and life.

How could I not share the wisdom and support that have been generously given to me? They have had a deep and transformative impact on my own journey, and it’s only natural for me to pass them along to others.

It’s a beautiful and fulfilling path, one that allows me to guide others in discovering their true selves and experiencing life in a more profound way; in a more loving, free, open, and playful way. The comical part in all of this is that as I hold space for others to see this, I am actually inviting myself to explore it further and see it more deeply.

What I’m giving to others is what I’m giving to myself. As I’m learning to show up and love others with a heart of devotion and service, this Love that’s given is a love I give to what I am.

In the spirit of that… I extend the invitation to join me, more concretely, in our collective journey of growing in our ability to love, to be free, and to show up in a way that truly honors the miracle of what we are.

It’s my playful desire to support a small group of beautiful hearts and together make the next 3 to 12 months of your life the most transformative you’ve ever experienced.

Group Training Opportunity

Starting in January 2024, I will be officially launching the Deep Diver’s Group Training Community

I’m excited to be offering this opportunity on a sliding scale according to personal income.

  • Online Group Meetups with Me
  • Study Guides & Materials
  • Small Group Online Check-ins
  • Accountability Partner
  • Strategic Lessons for Growth
  • Open up, fear less**, love more**


I’m excited to be offering this opportunity on a sliding scale according to personal income.

The first 12 weeks will be focused on…

  • A Compassionate Understanding of My Human Journey & The Deeper Opportunity of Being Alive”


On average, I anticipate that the group will require a minimum of 5 hours per month of engagement or study time. By dedicating this time, you will experience tangible and meaningful progress in gaining clarity about yourself, which will lead toward a lived experience with more love, compassion, and freedom.

Learn more about the group here | Or… fill out the official application here.

For those who join before December 2023, I’ll be offering some pretty sweet 1-on-1 bonuses.



HeartBased Deep Divers Group Training

Community Support & Training to See Yourself, Others, & Life more Clearly.
Coming Soon

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