Guilt & The Game of Life: A Lesson on Letting Go

Dive into this humorous yet thoughtful exploration of guilt, punishment, and the delightful absurdity of the stories we tell ourselves.

Quote: “You’re not being punished by Life, God, or Karma, you’re punishing yourself by tying your worth and value to stupid thoughts that have nothing to do with you.”


Hey friends,

I want to share a bit of a funny, yet insightful experience I had last week. It’s about a card game, some unexpected guilt, and a surprising revelation about life.

Just a Game, or Is It?

So, there I was, playing a card game with my partner. She was on a winning streak, and I kept losing 🤦‍♂️ (again and again).

We were having a blast, but I couldn’t help noticing a hint of irritation tinged with this feeling of guilt. You know, that nagging feeling that whispers (or shouts!),

  • Hey, maybe there’s something wrong with me because I’m losing so much?!”


It’s funny when you think about it – how a simple game can suddenly feel like a reflection of your worth.

The Real Game Behind the Game

While I was supposedly just playing cards on the surface, there was a deeper game happening inside. It was this inner game of trying to protect my self-worth, almost desperately trying to win not just the card game but some invisible battle in life. I even caught myself jokingly thinking,

  • Is God punishing me, and is that why I’m can’t win? Is this my bad karma?”


It’s hilarious and a bit absurd how our minds can spin these stories, isn’t it?

The Truth About Winning and Losing

Here’s the deal – in reality, it’s just a card game. Winning or losing the card game doesn’t actually mean anything about me. The real prize, or point of the game, is in the shared experience, the connection, the laughter.

Winning and losing are just parts of the game’s structure – they allow for the game to be played, but don’t define the one who is playing the game. This parameter of winning and losing can make it more fun, in the same way when in a movie, the character has “something on the line” and might win or lose.

However, outside of the movie, what the character is going through — doesn’t matter at all; it is, after all, just a movie. The movie is a playful imagining, a story, that in many ways offers the opportunity of… let’s call it, “an imaginary adventure into dream land.”

The Distortion of Perspective

Now, let’s talk about the real kicker.

When your mind wanders into thoughts like “I’m being punished,” it starts messing with how you see your past and yourself. It’s like putting on distorted glasses that change your view of everything.

But here’s what’s actually happening: you’re not being punished by some external force – you’re PUNISHING YOURSELF by linking your worth to something as trivial as a card game. (all caps seemed necessary, there 😂)

It’s a classic human mix-up, an adorable human misunderstanding, getting lost in our character’s drama and buying into concepts like guilt and punishment — that don’t exist in reality.

Your True Nature

Our true nature, deep down, knows better. It sees the humor and impossibility in these made-up ideas. We’re part of Life, connected to everything, not separate entities battling against the universe.

These moments of guilt and self-doubt are illusions we fall into. However, they’re important for bringing clarity to confusion. They’re part of the human experience, just as the concept of winning and losing is part of a card game.

However… they are there for the opportunity of learning, not as expressions of what’s actually true.

An Invitation to Reflect

So, here’s my invitation to you: let’s take a breath and consider the possibility that we’re often just making stuff up, especially the guilt part. It’s not about stopping this imagination; it’s about recognizing it for what it is. Like in my card game, once I saw how my mind was playing tricks on me, the whole thing became even more enjoyable.

I found myself laughing more, and even enjoying my playful irritation with losing. It was like I allowed myself to fall into the pretending of being bothered by losing; it made it fun for both of us.

  • Maybe it’s all just not nearly as serious as we imagine it to be, eh?


In sharing this, I hope you find a moment to look at your own ‘card games’ in life. Notice where you might be tying your worth to things that, in the grand scheme, don’t define you — at all. Remember, it’s all a part of this incredible journey we’re on – sometimes it seems serious, and that too can be part of the play.



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