Be Still, open up and see…

there is nothing real to fear

Welcome to, a resource and community space for seeing beyond your adorable fears, and living a life that honors your heart and embraces your great human adventure.

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Tiger Singleton | Founder of

Thank you for helping me see through the illusion of everything that is not here right now. Thank you for the way you make it all so obvious and clear, I love you 💝
Ellen, Paradij

We all have a tendency to view ourselves and the world through a lens of fear and emotional distortions. 

This conditioning, creates imaginary monsters 

that tell us…  

These assumptions, or conclusions, are not statements about what’s real and true. Rather, they are innocent misunderstandings waiting to be met with a deeper clarity and depth of understanding. 

Imaginary Monsters

These monsters (fearful illusions), lead us to contract and push away what we truly desire; resulting in unkind behavior, self sabotage, and a compulsion to blame, control, or resent those around us. 

This life, ruled by imaginary monsters, is not reality, and it’s not the life you were meant to live.

👋 Hello,

Nice to, sort of, meet you. 

My name is Tiger Singleton, and I spend my time creating content, resources, and opportunities that help people (like you?) get in touch with a more grounded, peaceful, and playful human experience. 

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Living… Consciously

What is it to live more consciously?

Open the eyes of your heart and discern the difference between what you imagine to be happening, and what is really happening. 

To be more conscious, is to bring greater awareness about what is real vs. what is only imagined to be real.

It’s the difference between…

Living more consciously, is a doorway into experiencing more of what we genuinely crave; which can be summarized as “more love, compassion, and freedom.”

“Tiger's conscious living course is so incredibly helpful for the health of the mind and heart. He playfully, yet very directly, leads me to a place of clear insight, beyond the mind's addiction to worrying.”
Alysha G

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