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Quote: “As you learn and commit to growing in your understanding of business fundamentals, you will discover more and more possibilities that inspire further learning.”


Want to change your hourly rate from €50 to €461 an hour? Keep reading.

One of the many things I did wrong, in the years leading up to actually being profitable, was ignoring the principle of being profoundly clear on who I was serving; I didn’t have a targeted audience.

Today, it’s laughably obvious about how important this is, and without it, I would still be a struggling solopreneur who lacks a key element of the clarity equation.

At the end of this letter, there are two gifts for you. A short e-book I wrote: “WHY & HOW it’s Possible; a short guide for the Heart-Based Solopreneur” and… A Client Avatar Worksheet to know your audience, and a filled in example of that worksheet, for my Heart-Based Solopreneur Ideal Customer.

Some Fundamentals

Know the specific…

  • Problem you are solving
  • Audience you are serving
  • The value of what you offer


The outcomes of knowing these things are:

  • Radical message clarity
  • Well-defined marketing focus
  • Knowing the value exchange (be profitable)


There are business fundamentals that, if not understood, leave success to chance. Even if one gets lucky, they cannot maximize that luck without preparation.

For those who have decided, or are considering, becoming successful heart-based solopreneurs, it is necessary to learn what is needed for success.

Yes, it is understandable that one may not want to learn or may think it is beyond their capacity, boring, or too complicated. However, if I were speaking to my younger self who thought these things, I would say:

“Buddy, you have no idea how much this will help you and add value to your life. Please, please, please consider making it a priority to learn the business basics. Your resistance, doubts, and procrastination incorrectly assume that you won’t fall in love with the learning process. You will, more and more, as you see the opportunities it brings your way.”

The Inspiration of Possibilities

As you learn and commit to growing in your understanding of business fundamentals, you will discover more and more possibilities that inspire further learning.

By investing your time and resources in cultivating inspiration (learning), you are making a wise investment.

For instance, taking the time to complete the Client Avatar Worksheet for Heart-Based Solopreneurs (found below) will help you recognize more the value you have to offer and how there are people in the world who would appreciate your support.

However, it is important to note that this worksheet is only effective if you are clear on the problem you want to help people solve.

What’s Possible for You?

Something I shared in the SGT (solopreneur group training program) Telegram group yesterday was a text message I received from someone I’m supporting in their solopreneur journey. The quick conclusion of this text thread was:

She said (in summary)…

That person I did my FIRST sales call with, said yes to the 6 session package I presented to her for €2,770!

Before I started helping her, she was offering single sessions for €50 per hour. However, after exploring some business fundamentals and being clearer about her value, that rate shot up to €461 per hour.

So, for the next six months, she’ll spend one hour each month and earn €461. Cool, now let’s do that three or four times per month, and have €8,000 to €11,000 coming in each month. Why not?

The limited (scarcity) employee mindset thinks this hourly rate this absurd. Yet, for the business owner, this makes perfect sense. The business owner is offering a product or service that equals the value the customer is looking to receive.

This is called leverage; it’s communicating a clear message to the right person who gives you a more powerful result.

She invested a bit of time and resources into learning something she was hesitant about learning. Little by little, she got inspired and saw more of what was possible. This allowed her to move beyond her comfort zone into a new zone of comfort that gave her more possibilities.

E-Book | WHY & HOW It’s Possible; a short guide

Learn the importance of understanding…



SGT Solopreneur Group Training

Rise up… honor your value, and share your heart with the world.

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