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Holding Space... ​

open up, fear less, love more

Casual, direct, and compassionate explorations into the heart of life and being human. This podcast is a weekly live video stream with Tiger Singleton. 

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Tiger (founder of HeartBased.io) shares insight and wisdom, drawn from his journey, and encourages the viewer to see themselves, others, and all of life with more love, compassion, and freedom.

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Guided Meditations

Connect with Life Beyond the Noise

A large collection of short and sweet video and audio guided meditations, from 4 minutes to 12 minutes long. Enjoy them with or without background music. 

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New or Struggling

Heart-Based Solopreneurs

Exploring the power of clarity, focus, and becoming profitable by adding genuine value to the world.

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Tiger (founder of HeartBased.io) talks with aspiring, new, and struggling heart-based solopreneurs to help them find some clarity, get focused, and explore paths for becoming profitable. 

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The Focus

We are not looking to blast the full episodes on the entire internet. Rather, we are looking to make these full-length episodes available for those who are on a similar journey, and are a part of our Heart-Based Solopreneur Free Community

The overall intention of each interview serves to help (you?) the guest… 

See, Be, & Share Your Value

Anastacia "Issa" Saigg
Anastacia "Issa" SaiggPodcast Guest
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I had an excellent experience with Tiger. He is kind and patient, listened carefully and was able to help me open up something I didn't see before about my need to get clear. I am deeply grateful for his time and energy.
Suzie Ohlin
Suzie OhlinPodcast Guest
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The general feeling was that I felt calm and happy just getting to be with Tiger when he just focused at me and our meeting. A kind of epiphany or aha-experience just being there on the pod! All in all I felt comfortable and would like to continue!
Genevieve & Glen
Genevieve & GlenPodcast Guest
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Tiger's authentic approach to teaching made the learning process enjoyable and accessible. He helped us gain clarity on our purpose and mission and encouraged us to rewire our values. Thanks to Tiger, we're more enthusiastic than ever about making our journey a sustainable one while enjoying every bit of it.
Sara Kasprowicz
Sara KasprowiczPodcast Guest
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It's so refreshing to connect with someone fluent in both—business and heart. Someone who from experience knows the wonder of sharing insight for a living, and genuinely wants to support those ready to embark on a similar journey. Tiger inspires us to courageously be who we are and to let the world receive the gift of our presence. No sugarcoating—thankfully he knows how challenging this might be and can easily relate to the solopreneur struggles.

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Past Solopreneur Podcast Highlights & Takeaways

Transforming healing experiences into prosperity through documentary filmmaking by focusing on clarity, humanity, and empathy.

Guest: Genevieve Begue


In facing our fears with curiosity, we unlock rapid growth and transformation.

Guest: Rootz Zenith


Thrive by clarifying your singular focus and selling your deepest impact.

Guest: Li Tadaa

Lust Coach

Overcoming fear is about reframing curiosity and taking small actions to start learning and exploring.

Guest: Sara Kasprowicz

New Solopreneur

Define your ideal client, envision your ideal experience, and price with profitability and impact in mind.

Guest: Sven Kavin


Facing fears, celebrating progress, and nurturing yourself fully on your creative journey.

Guest: Deborah Edin