Show Up & Honor Your Value

Solopreneur Group Training

with Tiger Singleton

SGT | for the heart-based human who want to add value to other people’s lives, and get paid well for it in the process.

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A Container that
Honors Your Decision

Fundamentally, this group program is a container that honors your decision to honor yourself and your journey. 

We learn, grow, and support each other in our individual and collective path. Everyone in this group, wants to be here, and everyone in this group will struggle and get discouraged. Welcome to life and being human.

The beauty though, is in this space we create together where we are allowed to be human, we are allowed to show up as we are, and simply do the best we can.

Make Meaningful Progress

Community of Support

There’s something magical that happens when a group of heart-based people come together with a focused intention. Distractions fade away, and we align ourselves with a common vision that deeply honors not only our own success, but also the success of everyone in the group.

3 Steps


Gain Profound Clarity

If you’re going to build a house, you have to know what that house will look like. Be clear about what you’re building.

Being a successful solopreneur is about direction and relationships. Direction is a clearly defined vision. Building the right relationships is about being crystal clear in your message; what you’re building, who you’re building it for, and how it will impact their lives.

This is ☝️ Messaging


Get Incredibly Focused

Stop spinning your wheels and being lost in distractions. Master the art of focused work, so you work less and do more.

Most people spend way too much time on things that don’t matter at all (but think they do). They want to look busy, but are not making meaningful and measurable progress. It’s an absolute waste of time. Is this you? Well, it’s time to stop that and get focused.

This is ☝️ Marketing


Be Fearlessly Profitable

Honor your value and stop playing small. Learn the vital skills necessary to be able to communicate the value of who you are.

If you’re going to have a business, you have to learn sales. The good news is, you don’t have to be sleazy about it. Do it the heart-based way, and connect authentically with other humans and tactfully communicate the value of what you do, so they decide to hire you.

This is ☝️ Sales

The Solopreneur
Traps & Pitfalls

Navigating the human journey can be challenging enough, but when you add building a business to the mix, it becomes even more complex and presents potential pitfalls that can cause us to get lost.

In this annual support group, we will focus on the three major pitfalls I have experienced and learned from while building a solopreneur business.

1. Lack of Clarity

I used to think I knew what I was doing and what I wanted.

However, in reality, I had nothing but a fearful wish and a hope that lacked a clear path to success. My lack of clarity made me believe that the problem was in the world, when in fact, my lack of success mirrored my lack of clarity. 

This lack of clarity manifested itself in the following areas: Who, What, How

I lacked clarity about WHO I AM and my real value, as well as whom I wanted to support. I thought I could help everyone, which also speaks to imposter syndrome. I was confused about my role and thought I had to be something I’m not or something that didn’t feel authentic.

I lacked clarity about WHAT I was offering to the world and was therefore unable to communicate my value properly to the people I genuinely wanted to support. Moreover, in my attempt to communicate what I was offering, I was quite passive and didn’t “own” the value. Without proper clarity about what I was offering, I had little confidence in what I had to offer.

I lacked clarity about HOW to build a real business around my offering that added tangible value to people’s lives. This lack of clarity manifested itself as no clear vision, plan, or defined roadmap to success. Without understanding the “how,” I was lost during my workdays.

2. Lack of Focus

To say I was “distracted” is an understatement.

I wouldn’t have admitted to being distracted at the time, because I didn’t understand what real focus was. I was under the false assumption that just having an idea of what I desired would magically bring me there. What a massive disappointment that was. I was missing three important elements that would allow me to truly focus.

My business was a side project, a ‘hobby’ masquerading as a business. In reality, I was scared to commit completely to the vision of serving others through sharing my heart with the world.

I thought I wanted life to be easy and comfortable until I realized something profound.

Life is hard in any direction you go. This “hard” can either be painful or an epic adventure that’s worthy of my heart and devotion.

For example, being broke and financially insecure is hard, but so is overcoming my fears and adding real value to the world. Which “hard” would you choose to commit to?

As a society, we have created a life full of optional distractions that keep us from facing our pain, fears, and the opportunity to be focused and committed to a singular vision for our lives.

I didn’t realize how much these distractions poisoned my ability to be clear-minded and focused. To truly be focused, it’s more about ‘not being distracted.’ So, I had to be honest with myself about where I was hiding behind distractions and getting lost in them.

3. From Lack to Abundance (Becoming Profitable)

This was a significant realization for me, as it exposed just how much I feared having a successful business. If my business were to become really successful, it would mean that I have to show up and be fully engaged.

Strangely, but understandably, I operated from a mindset of lack and constantly sabotaged my success. I did a lot of “busy” work and meaningless tasks that did not actually contribute to creating a profitable business because I was scared. 

Here are three things that I had to overcome and learn that allowed me to experience rapid and profitable business growth.

To be honest, I had countless hangups about money, including numerous judgments about money itself and even about those who made a lot of money. What I didn’t realize was that my experience with money only reflected my perceptions about money.

For example, if I thought $1,000 was “a lot of money,” then my experience would reflect that. In reality, however, it’s simply a number on a screen that has no other meaning than the meaning I give it.

My relationship with money only shows me how I see money, and I’m either inviting more money into my life or pushing it away with my fears, judgments, and assumptions. What’s fascinating is that my money hangups were not my own; they were given to me through conditioning.

The more I see the genuine and real-life value of what I offer, the more I must honor that value and charge accordingly.

Why? So I can effectively deliver that value in a way that is both high quality and supports my heart and sanity. If I don’t honor that value, I will diminish its worth by charging less and suffer the consequences of poor delivery, burnout, and resentment.

For myself, there were many confusions around this topic, where I assumed that the lower my prices were, the more people I could help. The opposite was true. Because my prices were a bit higher, I could focus on offering better support to fewer people, which also allowed me a lot of time to help thousands of people indirectly, for free. Naturally, depending on the service you provide, this could be a bit different, but the principle remains.

I used to think I hated marketing and sales. Looking back now, with the knowledge I have gained, I realize that it wasn’t the reality of marketing and sales that I disliked, but rather the way they were being used in the world.

Real marketing is simply making your product or service known to people, and it doesn’t have to be done in a manipulative way. In fact, it can be playful, engaging, and lead to building heartfelt connections with other humans.

The same goes for real sales; it’s not what I initially thought.

Real sales is simply the ability to communicate value effectively and invite an opportunity to support, which is only an exchange of value. Of course, there are many fears to overcome as we find the courage to honor our value, share it with the world, and be willing to receive the proper value in return.

SGT: Who is this For?

I am looking for a very specific type of heart-based solopreneur to join this year-long group training opportunity. 

What is most important to me is finding people who I can genuinely support and assist in making tangible and meaningful progress on their journey.

Here are the other characteristics of the perfect person for this group:

For New or Struggling Service-Based Solopreneurs