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Why & How it's Possible

a short guide for the Heart-Based Solopreneur

Practical advice and inspiration for heart-based solopreneurs looking to create a successful business that adds value to the world.

For those, who know...

As someone who understands the struggle, I know what it’s like to feel trapped in a way of living that doesn’t resonate with the real heart of what I am.

Within us is a desire to serve, to support, to love on people, but there appears to be this obstacle of trying to support yourself in the world. 

Working for someone else seems like the only option.

“I wish, I could serve the heart of other people, in doing things I enjoy, and get paid for it in the process; rather than having to work a job that doesn't resonate at all.”

It's so refreshing to connect with someone fluent in both business and heart. Tiger inspires us to courageously be who we are and to let the world receive the gift of our presence.
Sara K
HeartBased Solopreneur

The fundamental question
I’m helping people resolve, is… 

How can I use my skills, talents, and genuine interests to add value to other people’s lives – and make a decent living in the process?

The 4-Step

Solopreneur Journey

It doesn’t have to be complicated to be, or become, a heart-based solopreneur. 
It’s all about discovering something valuable within what you are and
then intelligently sharing that value with the world.

1. Discovery of Value

Throughout our journey, as we learn and grow, we develop skill sets and attain knowledge that add tremendous value to our lives. Whether you realize it or not, there are many people in the world who would deeply appreciate you sharing your skills and knowledge with them.

2. Communication of Value

There is an art to helping people understand the value of what you offer and how it can impact their lives. The better you can communicate this value and understand your target audience, the more magnetic your effect will be in attracting people who could greatly benefit from your service.

3. Exchange of Value

Understand the sales process as a means of building value and matching your service with the real-life needs and desires of your target market and audience. Create a win-win situations with your customers and clients where everyone benefits from the transaction (exchange of value)

4. Delivery of Value

Always be improving the delivery of your service or product. Provide your customers with the best possible service or product experience. By delivering value consistently, you can build a loyal customer base and network that trusts and values you and your business.

Heart-Based Solopreneur

How Do I Support
HeartBased Solopreneurs?

With both Free and Paid Opportunities

Sunday Letter to Solopreneurs

I love writing about this subject, the opportunity to see your value, step into your value, and share your value. Effectively, getting out of your own way, as it relates to showing up and sharing your heart in a way that adds value to other people’s lives.Plus, I’m also a huge fan of always learning more about business and sharing what I learn.

The Sunday Letter is a weekly email I send out, with Heart-Based Solopreneurs on my mind. Whether you’re aspiring, new, or active in your business journey, you may enjoy reading these reflections to help you gain clarity, be focused, and become profitable.

Anastacia "Issa" Saigg
Anastacia "Issa" SaiggPodcast Guest
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I had an excellent experience with Tiger. He is kind and patient, listened carefully and was able to help me open up something I didn't see before about my need to get clear.
Suzie Ohlin
Suzie OhlinPodcast Guest
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The general feeling was that I felt calm and happy just getting to be with Tiger when he just focused at me and our meeting. A kind of epiphany or aha-experience just being there on the pod!
Genevieve & Glen
Genevieve & GlenPodcast Guest
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Tiger's authentic approach to teaching made the learning process enjoyable and accessible. He helped us gain clarity on our purpose and mission and encouraged us to rewire our values.
Sara Kasprowicz
Sara KasprowiczPodcast Guest
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It's so refreshing to connect with someone fluent in both—business and heart. Tiger inspires us to courageously be who we are and to let the world receive the gift of our presence.

HeartBased Solopreneur Podcast

A few times per month, I release a new episode of my HeartBased Solopreneur Podcast. This is where I share my playful conversations with aspiring, new, or active HeartBased Solopreneurs, and support them in their business journey and exploration. 

The full episodes are only available on our website or our phone app, and can only be accessed by those who sign up. My intention isn’t to just blast these interviews all over the internet. My intention is to have meaningful, support, and free conversations with HeartBased humans, and allow our little community here to share in the valuable insights from those conversations. 

Ebook & Worksheet

I wrote an e-book, attempting to illustrate “Why & How it’s Possible” to be a HeartBased Solopreneur; someone who can make a decent living by supporting others in an area of your genuine interest.  All in all, it’s a quick read, and I feel it will inspire your heart to see more of the value within what you are that can be shared with the world; along with some business fundamentals on how that can happen. 

Furthermore, for those who already know the problem they want to help other people solve, I made a worksheet to help you better understand who your ideal customer is.

60-day money-back guarantee

Feel free to try it out, and if it didn’t help you out, no worries.

Online Course

During my journey, and my conversations with others, there are some key struggles that we will all go through as we engage this path of being a HeartBased Solopreneur. 

I created an online course, covering 4 major struggles in 3 important categories (12 total). Time Management & Focus, Marketing & Sales, and… Personal/Emotional Challenges. 

Along with addressing the 12 struggles, I also created 3 follow-up videos, about an hour long each, that dive a bit more deeply into the topic and answer some common questions.

  1. Lack of clarity about what I’m doing
  2. Difficulty with being able to focus
  3. Poor time-management and tasks prioritization
  4. Overwhelm with managing all aspects of the business
  5. Difficulty with self-promotion and marketing
  6. Difficulty with pricing & the value formula
  7. Managing client expectations and relationships
  8. Finding New Clients and Sales
  9. Imposter syndrome and self-doubt
  10. Feeling isolated and lacking a support network
  11. Burnout; Managing work-life balance and boundaries
  12. Future uncertainty and financial security

⛳️ Flagship Offering

The Solopreneur Group Training program is a unique opportunity for a unique type of HeartBased Solopreneur. 

The students in this program work together, along with myself, to truly dive into their opportunity and make consistent, measurable, and meaningful progress toward their goal, whatever that might be. 

We welcome in a new batch of students a few times per year through an application and interview process. 

Where to Start?

Well, whatever feels more inspiring for you! Just make sure you’re plugged in!

(past) Sunday Letters to Solopreneurs

Every Sunday, I deliver a written letter (via email) with the focus of helping you thrive on your solopreneur/life journey