Your Conscious Evolution

Quote: “There’s great value in fire, where it can add genuine support and beauty to my experience. However, if I try to use fire in a way it’s not designed for, I will get burned.”


Every human is on a journey of evolving their consciousness. This means that each person is on a growth journey that invites them to see themselves, others, and life more clearly.

Just as our biology wants to survive into the future, consciousness also wants to expand or become more and more aware of itself.

I suggest that the biological impulse to survive serves the purpose of allowing consciousness to continue exploring ways to become more conscious. Life desires to experience itself, and through that experience, it learns and nourishes a balance of harmony that enables its continuation.

Perhaps more beautifully stated: “The miracle of life requires a self-reflection that teaches itself how to be in harmony with itself.”

I see an infinite fractal unfolding here, where life as a whole, as one entity, is doing the same thing within its innumerable parts. Life’s journey is the same journey I am on. Whether I am aware of it or not, I am helping life as a whole fulfill its fundamental purpose.

Of course, the same can be said for all of the creation.

It is impossible to escape the realization that my journey as a human has been a lesson in teaching me how to harmonize with the ways of life. Naturally, this discovered harmony with life is primarily a reflection of me, harmonizing with myself.

During such a process, I discover new depths and aspects of myself, which shows me my “self” includes (more and more) everything else. As I dive into this harmony for what I am, it translates into being in harmony with… all of the creation.

The harmony of life is like ten thousand angels singing the most beautiful love song, carried by ten thousand instruments that vibrate energy of celebration throughout the cosmos. The lyrics convey the message of how deeply connected we all are, and the melody ignites a fire in our hearts, burning away any doubts and fears that question our worth and value.

For Life to see itself, One must experience itself through duality.

The One splits itself into two, then two into four, and so on to infinity. In a way, the One forgets that it is One, and instead sees itself as two, discovering new ways to be in harmony.

This journey, this adventure, leads back to the realization that it was always One, to begin with.

This answers the very common spiritual question: “Why do we forget the truth of what we are?” Simply for the opportunity to discover and remember the truth of what we are. In this journey of remembrance, there is a vital contribution to the whole of existence that allows the miracle to continue on.

Also, to put it plainly, it is required. Required in the same way that an in-breath needs an out-breath, the same way that a high-tide needs a low-tide, and a sunrise needs a sunset.

Sure, I can argue with the way Life has set it all up, I can want it to be another way, and in my fight for what I want, I will forever lose the battle against life. My fight against Life is futile. The only appropriate path for experiencing the harmony I crave is not by way of conquering life, but it’s by way of surrendering to the harmony that’s already happening.

This, of course, requires me to be open to see the harmony that’s already here, to see that I am an integral part of that harmony, to see that I already belong.

Yes, this is the remembrance. This is what I forget, this is what I didn’t see; I didn’t see the fullness of what life was already doing, and I didn’t see how I was already an invaluable part of that purpose.

I wonder if you, like me, recognize the common theme throughout all spiritual and religious traditions. Regardless of the specific path, the fundamental invitation is to surrender the separate personal agenda that seeks to conquer life and awaken to the realization that you are not separate from life.

Thus, there is no need to fight or suffer.

Instead, you are graciously invited to relax and enjoy the simple yet profound miracle of being alive. You are invited into this great choir, this orchestra, and to sing with all of the creation.

Comically, from my experience, the argument I had was expressed in the statement: “But I don’t want to sing Life’s song, I want to sing my song!”

The confusion was thinking that somehow my song wasn’t also Life’s song.

By seeing myself as separate from Life, I saw Life as a threat, an authoritarian force telling me what to do. Because of this, I felt like I had to somehow conquer Life first before I started singing my song.

However, to see that I and Life are One, I don’t have to fight life, I can just start singing now.

The sincerity of the song in my heart, is one of those ten thousand instruments in the great orchestra. The sincerity of what I am is also the sincerity of what Life is; the sincerity of what I am is one aspect of the innumerable aspects of the greater whole.

Life is not asking me to not be what I am. Life is asking, begging me, “My dear, please be what you are; please sing your song.”

This is the same message that says, “I love you, unconditionally; please be what you are, so I can see you; as this will help me see what I am.”

If life wants to see itself, it wants to see its real self; it doesn’t want to see a fake self, as that would not be seeing itself. Unless, of course, it wants to see its fake self, so it can more clearly understand what it’s not.

Once again, this allows for permission to be sincere, even if that sincerity is too afraid to be the real self because that too is a great teacher.

In this exploration of life and being human, the journey of consciousness expanding into more love and harmony, there are profound opportunities all around us to learn and grow. In fact, these opportunities are so abundant that if we open ourselves up to them, the progress we can make would surpass anything we thought was possible.

The more clearly we see these real opportunities, underneath our doubts, confusions, dramas, and conflicts, then navigating these obstacles becomes quite purposeful and direct.

We can, more quickly, move through them and make contact with the love and harmony we crave.



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