Your Opportunity Rests Behind Your Limited Thoughts

Overcome limiting thoughts and discover opportunities to live from a deeper reality that’s more connected to your heart. Honor yourself and honor the opportunity you have, as a HeartBased Solopreneur, to add value to other people’s lives.

Quote: “The limitation was in the belief… in the limitation; the idea that there was something real holding you back.”

As it relates to being a HeartBased Solopreneur: The opportunity to share more value with the world and consequently receive more value. The revalue you receive can be in the form of many things, such as:

  • More joy and more play, more clarity, focus, and profitability.

As it relates to your personal life, the opportunity is still to… joyfully give more and receive more. The value you give and receive can take the shape of:

  • More joy and more play, more love in your heart, and a deeper connection with yourself, others, and all of life.
    • Of course, many other things as well.

Behind your limiting thoughts?

Yesterday, I interviewed someone for the HeartBased Solopreneur Podcast. We discussed her journey from working in the corporate world, to dropping that role and embracing a new role where she now takes groups of people on adventures around the world; such as Africa trips and exploring ancient sites in Mexico.

(the episode will probably be delivered in the podcast a couple of months from now)

It was so beautiful to hear her story, and see how the opportunity (the life) she craved was there all along… just waiting to be seen behind the doubts, fears, and limiting thoughts about her own worth and value.

If you look at anywhere you’ve experienced meaningful growth in your life, you’ll find a similar pattern. The limitation was in the belief… in the limitation; the idea that there was something real holding you back.

The growth started as a seed of possibility; like… (in some way)

“Wait, maybe this isn’t true. Maybe I’m not as limited as my mind is proclaiming I am.”

Look Behind the Narratives

Can you observe the narratives unfolding? Can you recognize that these narratives are not an accurate depiction of reality, but rather a conditioned way of thinking? They are a conditioned pattern of interpretation that helps us make sense of the world, but… with very limited knowledge and understanding of what is real and true.

Making sense of nonsense, where we are trying to manage limitations that are not really limitations. Where we are trying to organize and navigate a lack of opportunity that is only an imagined lack of opportunity.

This is the perfect time to just be still, to just be quiet and gently ask yourself…

  • Wait, what is it that I think is happening, and is that really happening, or am I just imagining the whole thing?


It’s probably safe to say that if you’re experiencing some form of limitation, your narrative that sees a lack of opportunity stems from a very distorted view of who and what you are.

The narrative most likely sees yourself as separate from the miracle of life, sees yourself as guilty, as broken, as incapable, as unworthy of love, compassion, and freedom.

I… call… bullsh!t.

None of this is actually true, and the subsequent limitation isn’t true either. These are all expressions of a very innocent confusion that doesn’t see the reality of what you are and the reality of the opportunity you have.

Breathe… my dear. Please get in touch with something more real than the silly narratives bouncing around in the mind.

Be a “HeartBased” Solopreneur

If we are going to be a “HeartBased” Solopreneur, it is an extension of being a “HeartBased” Human.

What is a “HeartBased” Human?

Well, firstly, I’m just making up that name, so let’s not take it too seriously.

My intention, with that name, points toward an opportunity to be more honest with ourselves, to be more connected to the sincerity of what we are. Rather than… the opposite; the opposite of hiding from ourselves, of avoiding what is sincere because we have silly fears that don’t see just how deeply we are loved.

Sure, it’s a courageous and sometimes difficult path, and… I don’t mean to suggest it’s somehow empty of struggles, setbacks, and disappointments.

But, the real question is,

  • What is my alternative to being a HeartBased Human?”


The answer is more scary than the slight terror of opening my heart and being a bit more open and vulnerable with myself, others, and life.

The alternative path is to keep ignoring my heart, keep denying myself the gift of Life I’ve been given; keep devaluing what I am in service to trying to get the world and others to love me. This is, as I’ve seen from direct experience, a path that leads toward a soulful death.

What is a “HeartBased” Solopreneur?

Again, I’m making it up.

My intention with this name of “HeartBased” Solopreneur, speaks to the opportunity I have seen for myself, to…

  • Get out of my own way and just share/open my heart with and to the world!
  • Stop trying to be perfect, stop trying to be good enough, and just be… me; the sincerity of what I am.
  • In that being-ness, in my genuine desire to serve, find a path that allows me to add genuine value to other people’s lives.
  • In the practicality of living life, of taking care of myself and others, find a way for the value I share to come back to me in a way that supports my needs and HeartBased desires.
  • Live a purposeful and meaningful life. Don’t waste the gifts I’ve been given, even if I think those gifts are not “good enough.”
  • Be devoted to something worthwhile. Have a vision, have playful goals, and build a game for myself that invites me to learn, grow, and move beyond these silly limitations I’ve created for myself.
  • And on and on and on… so many opportunities.


My personal journey in being a HeartBased Human and Solopreneur, is, hands down, the two greatest rewards I’ve experienced in this life. Which is also like saying… the reward was my capacity to be more deeply honest with myself.

  • The reward is connecting with the real heart of what I am. And…
  • The reward of sharing my heart with the world (getting out of my own way)

Be Inspired, right now

Gosh, right now… I’m so inspired. Do you notice it in yourself as well? Even if just a little bit?

Sure, I’m not suggesting that we can ALWAYS feel inspired; that’s neither realistic nor practical. Inspiration comes in waves, like a gust of wind that catches our sails and helps to put the boat back on track.

Inspiration is like a deep breath, where we breathe in a deeper and more loving opportunity and self-honesty and exhale the burden of bullshit thoughts that keep us down.

What to do next?

Well, honestly, I can’t speak for you because I don’t know where you are, where you’re going, and what (imaginary limitation) seems to be in the way.

Do you even know that?! My goodness, that might be a great place to start.

In the spirit of that question, for myself, and asking myself…

  • “What is the inspiration, and what is next?”


I’m inspired to help you figure that out. I’m inspired to help you see beyond the specific limitations that are not serving you, and what wisdom, insights, or expressions of self-love might help you make meaningful progress.

This, as you know, is one of my passion. Why? Because, again, I see the value it has brought to my life, and it would be incredibly selfish 😂 not to share those discoveries with others. Plus, I deeply enjoy doing it.

See how deeply honest you can be with yourself about what’s next, even if it might scare you. Then, play with it, play with the opportunity; see it as a game, see it as something that challenges your super adorable and imaginary fears. See it as the path toward honoring a deeper aspect of your heart.

Sure, maybe these writings and the content I share are enough for you. Or, maybe there’s a deeper opportunity for us to work more closely together? Maybe there’s an opportunity for me to look at the reality of what you’re going through, the reality of the opportunity that you have, and together, we uncover something beautiful and profound that makes it more obvious and playful about how to make meaningful progress.

Well, geez, that just makes good sense, doesn’t it?

Here’s what I’m going to propose…

I’m going to help 10 people for free figure out their next step. You know…

  1. Get clear about where you are and where you want to be.
  2. The next obstacle in the way
  3. The next step to move forward.

This can be resolved quickly.

Additionally, I’ll discuss with that person how, if possible, I might be able to support them more directly in their journey. Perhaps it’s possible, perhaps it’s not, but it’s so much fun to explore such possibilities.

[Be one of the 10 here]




SGT Solopreneur Group Training

Rise up… honor your value, and share your heart with the world.

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